Konami is a proud gaming company, the creators of Synkros, which is now in use in many big casinos. They develop and sell a host of gaming machines and casino management systems across the world. Synkros, the casino management system from Konami, has put them one step ahead of their competitors, because of its advance features. Synkro is powered by a solid system, and is more focused on enhancing analytics and marketing tools, allowing casino operators to understand their players better.

Konami Casino Management System (KCMS) is worthy of the advanced software market, and is inline with customer demands with feedback from both casinos and players.

Konami Enterprise Intelligence (KEI) analytics is one of their newer modules that features combined advanced capabilities, which includes a complete set of intelligence and reporting tools. Many casinos are using this system to get a unique market edge. The analytics kit include features such as:

  • Reporting tools
  • Visual analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Dasboard
  • Campaign management
  • Patron worth

These tools can extract and display players’ tracking data and communicate with players in real time, and allow real time management. This include areas like sending targeted messages and promotions, as well as establishing loyalty, providing promotions and offer bonuses in and around the casino enterprise. It is refined to improve staff communication, which helps the gaming floor to run efficiently. Automatic monitoring of monetary activities in one integrated module allows controlling cash, chips, cards, checks and vaults. Every exchange around the world with different currency denominations are synced in real-time.

The Bonus Engine include features such as:

  • Super Series Floor Wide Bonus
  • True-Time Tournament
  • Draw Poker Bonusing
  • True-Time Window In

These tools can be customised to offer free play, organise tournament events and bonus points. Synkros also introduces the SynkBox communication interface, and slot machine process. Both players and operations can be better managed and controlled with this powerful toolbox.