There are various software companies whose job is to develop and create games for casinos. Before now, they used to only create games, and then license them to the casinos. This is a system still being used by some casinos and software providers today. However, several full package services have been introduced, and they include providing security and payment solutions. These vendors verify the casinos they have licensed, to be sure they are not licencing scammers. These software developers want to be trusted, so they thrive on that. A lot of them have succeeded in earning trust from these casinos, and are now ahead of their competitors.

When considering buying a system from a vendor, a system that is capable of multi-platform operations like the 4GL programming model, will be the best idea, especially for multi site operators. This is because the operator would not have to worry about the technology becoming outdated. Otherwise casinos will face disruptions from time to time, especially when they have to replace the system to a new one. It might be very expensive to do that, even at infrequent intervals.

Software Companies

Some of the leading casino software companies include:

  • Microgaming: Being the very first online casino in the world and the pioneer game licensing company, they are the choice of many. Casinos using their software are able to provide both instant gaming and downloadable apps.
  • Playtech: Have also created some of the most popular online slots. These are based on superheroes from the Marvel comic books. Offering live online games via webcam is one of their best software innovations.
  • NetEnt: Net Entertainment is providing exceptional games, and is responsible for the flash software that allows players to play directly online, instead of having to download casino software to their computer before they can play.